Why choose Linsa Finance you ask? Well they are not just your normal, ‘run-of-the-mill’, finance company. At Linsa Finance the client’s needs are first and foremost when establishing your loan. At Linsa Finance, they will go above and beyond the call of duty, to ensure that they have a good understanding of what you require, and how they can best meet your needs as established at your initial one-on-one consultation.


Established in 2012, Linsa Finance are a family owned and operated enterprise who pride themselves on building relationships with their clients. The term ‘loan shark’ has been thrown around in the media as of late, and we understand that many people could be dubious when approaching a Loan Company of the like. Linsa Finance, on the other hand, are a trusted and registered financial service provider who delivers a service to their clients to help them get back on their feet financially. There is no ‘smoke and mirrors’ at Linsa Finance, you will have transparency and trust, and with no hidden costs associated with your loan.


Unlike the ‘big guys’ in the corporate world, to Linsa Finance you are not just another number. You are an individual trying to get your finances back on track. The team at Linsa Finance are real people too, who understand that there are times in our lives that we could be struck with financial hardship, and need a helping hand. Believing in their customers as individuals, the team at Linsa Finance value both their customers and their decisions. As a small business, it allows for the developed understanding and appreciation between everyone involved.


We absolutely agree, you shouldn’t be charged a fortune when acquiring a loan, and it would be remiss to say that interest rates can sometimes be more of a headache than actually obtaining the loan in the first place. That’s why, at Linsa Finance, they offer you additional services from the outset; the initial face-to-face meeting, setting up the loan, working through your payment options, acquiring the loan, then getting you back on track to stabilise your financial future.


By establishing your loan, you will essentially begin a fresh clean credit history with Linsa Finance. If at any stage you require more money, and have a good repayment history with them, they can look at refinancing your loan too. No stone is left unturned!

Even if you have a poor credit record, all applications are assessed on an individual basis. Initially, they may be able to provide a limited loan to give you the opportunity to build a good credit history with Linsa Finance. Once this is established they are happy to lend further finance if all requirements are met.


There are many corporate lenders out there who are offering loans for ‘essential’ items, however at Linsa Finance there is no limitations with what the money can be used for; whether your want to borrow to buy a vehicle, update your furniture, go on holiday or consolidate your debt – the team at Linsa Finance can help you.


Research shows that although there are many corporate lenders around who are offering loans, most of these companies will not have the time, or the focus that is required to really understand the clients need and form an on-going relationship(s).

No job is too big or too small at Linsa Finance, so make sure you not afraid to take the leap, and visit one of our friendly staff at our Tauranga Branch or in Manurewa, Auckland, to talk about your loan

Fā soifua,Toe feiloa’i.

(Goodbye, see you later)

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