There may come a time in our lives that we could find ourselves needing a little extra cash; an expanding family, new vehicle, that elusive holiday, to help cover temporary unforeseen costs, or simply to consolidate current outstanding debt.

Credit Card Debt

Luckily for you, gone are the days where your only option was to acquire a personal loan from the bank, or applying for one of those seemingly limitless credit cards. Say goodbye to the tedious criteria, questions and waiting time, Linsa Finance can cater for the majority of your financial needs without the hassle associated with bank lending.

Personal loans can be a lower-cost alternative lending facility compared to costs associated with any number of Credit Cards.

At Linsa Finance, they cater for the majority of their clients’ needs and accommodate for a variety of financial situations. Some points of difference that Linsa Finance pride themselves on are, having a fixed repayment time, unsecured loans up to $1000, fixed rates, appreciation and rewards for good credit, and most importantly a personal relationship that allows for the best catering of your needs.


Therefore, we have compiled a list of the 5 Top Reasons to get a personal loan with Linsa Finance:

Fixed Repayment Time

In comparison to that never ending pit of a credit card always lingering at the back of your mind, Linsa Finance have a fixed repayment date with any personal loan you get with them. This allows you to have a target to reach and know that by that end date you will be all done, dusted and debt free once more. Whether you are to choose a loan that has a fixed repayment period of 3 months or 36 months, Linsa Finance will ensure that your loan is tailored so that it is achievable and affordable for you on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis for repayments.


However, if the reason for your loan was for an unexpected cost, and during your loan timeframe you could pay it off in full, Linsa Finance are open to discussion with what your options are moving forward – best in terms of settling the loan early, and if fees may be incurred.

No Security Necessary

Usually when you apply for a personal loan, traditional lending states, that the only way for ‘the lend’ to be viable would require you to provide security, that is equal to or more in value to the title of the loan. Yes this statement is correct. However at Linsa Finance, if you have no security to lend on that is no issue for them, they are able to lend unsecured up to $1000.

Remembering Linsa Finance strongly base all their relationships on trust.

Get Rewarded for good credit with Linsa

Have you ever been rewarded for paying back a loan on time? With other means of lending, whether you are a ‘good’ payer or not, you will still pay the same interest rates as someone who is not so efficient. To us, that just doesn’t seem fair. At Linsa Finance they believe that as part of building a relationship with you and your financial status, they will take into consideration the state of your account and frequency of payments, which can equate to the possibility of refinancing at a later date.

If you are someone with a less than impressive credit history possibly due to some unwise decisions made earlier in your life, it’s not all ‘doom and gloom’. Go and visit Linsa Finance, they will sit down and work out what you can achieve together, in aim of providing you with a fresh start on rebuilding your credit history.

Fixed Rate 

With any loan that is provided by Linsa Finance, there will be a fixed rate for the repayments for the life of your loan. In comparison to many other financial institutions and credit card facilities which fluctuate monthly, each week they guarantee that your base repayment will remain stable, allowing you to go ahead and plan your budget accurately.


Personal to you

Being involved with a small family business such as Linsa Finance, they are able to personally ensure that every clients’ needs are met. Linsa Finance are not a big financial institution so you will have a dedicated Loans Officer to help guide you through the loans process; from the moment that you set up the loan with Linsa Finance, right through to making your final payment on the loan.


At Linsa Finance, they firmly believe that the foundation for their business is the dedication and commitment they give to their clients. Linsa Finance provide their clients services on a personal basis, allowing you every opportunity to build your credit history with them. With fixed rates, repayment times, unsecured options and personalised loans, Linsa Finance is the financial institution that will be best prepared to help you to achieve financial stability.

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