Not sure how you are going to pay for Christmas this year? Do you have a poor credit history and basically have nowhere else to turn to for help? Don’t panic, breathe a sigh of relief, as it isn’t all doom and gloom. Linsa Finance might be just what you are looking for…and they are available to chat today!


A huge pull factor which makes Linsa Finance stand out from other financial institutions, is that each loan is assessed and understood on an individual basis. The team at Linsa Finance place a huge importance around understanding their client’s circumstances and the purpose of why the loan was required initially.

Hey let’s face it, all of us have a past. Good, bad, ugly or straightforward, it’s there. And for some, this unnecessary hindrance can act as a dead weight in your ‘life’s backpack’; in turn holding you back, restricting you from reaching your full financial potential. The burden of the past is something that Linsa Finance can empathise with. They don’t see a bad credit history as a massive black mark on your application, they merely see it as something that requires further discussion.


This is something that is not uncommon and Linsa Finance will help work through this issue with you collaboratively as team.

The beauty of Linsa Finance, is that no ‘loan’ is left unturned. So if you do have poor credit, Linsa Finance will work through what can be applied for and what options you have, or alternatively if you are unable to provide security, Linsa Finance will also consider an unsecured loan of up to $1000.

It truly is about understanding their client’s wants and requirements; making sure that they think outside the box is first on the agenda.


If you do have bad credit history and your loan is approved, this gives you the perfect opportunity to start a brand spanking new credit history solely with Linsa Finance. Their team will educate you along the way, and work out what frequency your payments should be made.

One of the benefits of acquiring a loan through Linsa Finance, is that if you have a good credit history with Linsa Finance and want to top up your loan, you can definitely discuss refinancing your current loan with your loans officer.

With Christmas looming, there is no need to stress or worry about your financial situation. You are in a prime position to really get on top of your finances. Linsa Finance are experts in their field, and by having a specialist to help understand your financial situation will really benefit your short and long term monetary goals.


Truly, it’s a win-win situation!

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