The summer holidays are just around the corner and for families on a budget often this season of ‘fun’ becomes a season of pressure and unresolved financial stability. Holiday pay is exhausted and annual leave is now on the downward slope.

Before the pressure builds up and takes control of your life, understand that there are money saving tips that you can execute.

Money Saving Tips for Families on a Budget


Budget Advisory Services:

Understanding costs associated with monthly bills is an essential part of life, if you have a good grip on your family’s finances this will give you a greater sense of control around where your money is going. The option of cutting down the food bill is not always a choice; therefore take a good look at where your money is being spent – especially on those little things that seem to add up. Yes, you know the ones, mid-morning lattes and the Women’s Day sitting on the shelf.


Financial Assistance:

If you are first time parents, the added strain of possibly having only one income is now in the mix. Compounding this, your living costs may have increased leaving you very little room for financial movement. At Linsa Finance we know what it’s like to live in your community and we’re here to help.

Linsa Finance has personal loan options readily available to you. At our initial meeting, we will talk you through the options that will best fit your needs. Likewise if you are concerned around how to set a budget, we can help!

Food Banks:

These extraordinary places are set up to help people and families in the community, the food bank relationship is also reciprocal. When you have extras in your pantry, send it to your local food bank – they will graciously accept such a donation.


Public Services:

Everyone from Jamie Oliver to Gordon Ramsey is teaching us how to cook with cheaper meats or ingenious recipes for leftovers. Why is this so trendy right now? Because all over the world (not just in New Zealand) families are struggling to keep up with rising costs of rent, food, power, petrol, school uniforms – you name it, it’s a challenge. The instability of exporting and importing in New Zealand leaves prices unsteady for the average Kiwi family.

If you don’t have access to the Internet or minimal Wi-Fi accessibility, head to your local library for the morning.  It’s warm, Wi-Fi is free and it’s full of fantastic books and new ideas to cook up a storm on a limited budget.

Consolidate Your Debt at Linsa Finance:

Consolidating all of your debt can be a huge relief to anyone. When you have one loan that takes care of the lot you’re back in the driver’s seat. This gives you the flexibility and control to chip away at the loan bit-by-bit.

At Linsa Finance we can handle most requests when it comes to personal loans, so why not speak to one of our friendly team who will listen to you.


Charity Shops

Shop at your local charity shop – there are many to choose from in the Tauranga and Auckland regions. And vice versa, if you have clothes and donations to give, return the favour.

The team at Linsa Finance are trained to help and lend you a hand in any way they can. These trusted professionals are only a phone call away – so why not call our free phone number 0800 34 62 63 now, one of our friendly team will be more than happy to have a free no obligation chat.

At Linsa Finance we care about your individual situation to give you the best solution!!

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