Winter is a time to reflect, slow down, to  spend quality time with your family and friends, whilst enjoying the occasional Winter roast with a rugby match in tow. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, we’ve got snow, we’ve got hail, and we’ve got minus degrees temperatures in some areas too! But unfortunately what ‘piggy backs’ our Winter season is this familiar five letter word, BILLS. Bills for electricity, bills for water, bills for rates, bills for the internet, school fees…I think you get the point. This financial strain can dampen anyone’s day! Well this deeply concerns us, because we want what’s best for YOU, our customers!

So we’ve been thinking long and hard as to how we can resolve this issue for you, how we can lessen your financial concern, and how we can help mitigate these stresses through the Winter Months. Voilà! Why don’t you get a personal loan?! Getting a personal loan through the Winter months is maybe just what you’re looking for.


So how do you get a loan through Linsa Finance?

Firstly, make sure you have all the relevant documents that we need so we can get that motor running quick smart! You must provide your photo identification; such as a current driver’s license or passport. Three months’ worth of your bank statement, plus two forms of an address i.e. a letter from your bank or utility company (phone, internet, Sky, and/or power).

Secondly, decide what amount you want to borrow, so together we can decide what you should lend on. At Linsa Finance we will lend on the following security: motor vehicles, property, furniture, life insurance policies, share certificates, and most other forms of negotiable security. Just make sure there is no money owing on your security. But if security is something that you don’t have, never fear, we can lend up to the value of $1000 unsecured. Now that’s a ‘wohoo’ kinda moment, right?

Thirdly, pop into one of your local Linsa Finance branches; 174 Devonport Road, Tauranga, or 171 Great South Road, Manurewa Auckland, and one of our friendly team will gladly assist and talk through what you need. No appointment is necessary so feel free to drop in, we are always here to help.

Lastly, once all the documents have been approved and completed, we will give you your cash cheque. Whether you cash in the cheque or we deposit the money into your bank account for you – it’s entirely up to you!


As easy as that we’ve helped resolve you and your families ‘icky’ Winter financial situation! At Linsa Finance we put that little ‘extra’ in ‘ordinary’ for you to get the loan you desire, we help ease that financial burden that’s been hounding you for so long, by making the whole process as easy, straightforward, and trouble free as possible. Winter should be enjoyed, not detested. Winter is about hot baths, cuppas, the fire blasting, and off course LOTs of quality family time.

At Linsa Finance, Winter is about helping YOU. So let’s not stress and worry about your finances over the next few months, call Linsa Finance because we’re here to help warm up your bank account!


On that note did anyone watch the football final?? Wow what a nail biting game!!


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