Imagine how good it would feel when your bills flood in and you already have the money in the kitty waiting to pay them. No more worry about how to honour the various payment arrangement; money goes in and out with a little bit to spare.

Sounds ideal but reality is that this is not always the case. At Linsa Finance we understand that underneath all that paperwork you are carefully figuring out how you are going to front for your monthly costs – you’re working hard, you’re more than likely raising a family and you just need a bit of help.

Stuck? That’s where Linsa Finance can help…

Implementing a financial health check to your finances can ease the unnecessary burden that can accumulate over time. By adding a few simple financial exercises to your daily/weekly/monthly routine can really help lessen the financial pressure.

Let’s Start With The Heart


You’re probably not indulging yourself but you are probably spoiling others with your good deeds. However unbeknown to your friends and acquaintances you are clearly under severe financial strain. So write down all those “hidden costs” you have spent on birthday cards, presents, pocket money and other costs you treat your friends and family too. If it equates to a small fortune at least you now have a true picture of those expenses.

By talking to one of the team at Linsa Finance, you can start looking at reducing your costs together by looking at more cost effective alternatives to manage your finances. Maybe a debt consolidation loan could be the answer?

Do Your Homework



Are you emotionally attached to those higher priced ticket items? Take another look. Don’t be fooled by those ‘specials’, do your homework and see what else is available to you. Another bonus of having most things available to you on line, is that you can have most things delivered to your doorstep – which may save on petrol costs too.

At some stage the car will need a warrant, repairs and/or new tyres, so start to plan for these now. It’s a good idea to do your research and investigate about the quality, affordability and alternative options – whether you need a brand new or a quality second hand car, always get a second opinion.

The next time you’re in the supermarket have a look for some bargain-priced items and detach yourself from the more expensive ones.

Tip: Supermarkets put the expensive items at eye level on the left, so look across or down to see more affordable priced goods at a much lower price.

Train The Brain


A big part of being healthier in all areas of life – whether it’s our body, mind, spirit or finances, comes down to our mind-set. There is definitely truth in the saying that we as humans can manifest our financial reality. By having a personal loan, you can start to put a few plans in place for those unexpected and expected bills, being consciously aware of your reality will relieve this pressure to allow you to plan ahead for you and your family’s future.

Linsa Finance are your “go to” family oriented company who don’t judge or patronise – we are here to help and support you the whole way – whatever your circumstances!

We are here to help you with your financial gain!

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