Linsa Finance love to receive feedback from their clients. They recently approved a loan for Sarah, which was approved and delivered within two hours of the first appointment!

At Linsa Finance, they are here to help whatever the circumstances.

I’ve worked hard all my life – right from when I was in high school through my tertiary studies, the lot. I worked hard so that I was able to cover all my bills and pay for all the extra things that I wanted. However, I recently found myself in a situation where, for the first time, I could not come up with the $2000 for the dental bill, this would put an end to the constant pain that was being caused by my molar teeth. I was unable to work and save the money I needed, and my medical insurance didn’t cover dental procedures – and it needed doing yesterday!

Never having had to borrow money before, I was completely unaware of what was involved, but when I came across an advert in the newspaper for Linsa Finance selling quick, hassle free loans I gave them a call, arranged a time, as it sounded like exactly what I needed.

When I met with a consultant at Linsa Finance, it could not have been anymore straight forward. Having a steady income, clean credit and the ability to provide my car as security meant that by midday my application was approved and I had the money I needed to pay for my much needed dental treatment. The team at Linsa Finance were friendly and accommodating, taking the time to talk through my options and give advice about what they thought the best option was for me moving forward – even taking the time to create a budget to ensure that I could afford the repayments and ultimately avoiding getting into strife.

I would recommend the team at Linsa Finance highly to anyone that finds themselves in a position where they need to borrow any amount of money. Not only was it fast and efficient but I felt listened to and that the staff had my best interests at the forefront.

Sarah, 24, Tauranga

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