Same time. Every year. Just for one day. Usually covered in brightly coloured tinsel. Singing that all too familiar tune. IT happens. And by IT, I mean CHRISTMAS.

There is always that highly anticipated buildup – starting at least 6 weeks prior to the official day! With parades, music, parties and of course there the massive sales for everyone to indulge in. Many would say that Christmas is the most expensive time of the year. It is not just the presents that you have to take into consideration, but the cost of the food for the day and the transport to get to and from where you are celebrating – whether it be by car, plane, train or boat.

See, here’s the thing we don’t understand, we have 51 weeks and 6 days of the year in which we can be planning for this massive day (in terms of how to fund it) but for some reason we push it to the back of our minds until right before it’s about to happen. It’s then that we hit the panic button because being at the end of the school year having to pay for school holiday programmes or take annual leave from work, for most family’s money is already at the tighter end of the scale. Add in the factor of having to come up with how you are going to pay for all the trimmings – no wonder people are on edge.


If you find yourself in this unlucky category (and don’t be shy, many of us slot into this quite well), that very real position of not being clear on how you are going to actually pay for Christmas this year, or you have an extra special gift that you desperately want to purchase for your loved one, you are in luck! Because Linsa Finance are here to help you with a Christmas Loan.

The team at Linsa Finance specialise in stress free, simple loans. Whether you need to borrow $100 or $1000 they can easily accommodate your needs. The beauty of their process is that they only need 3 things in order to be able to process your application: photo ID, proof of your address and the three previous months bank statements (don’t worry if you do not have these, you can print them out in the office).


If this sounds like a situation that you are in – whether it’s now or in the coming weeks, give one of their friendly team members a call to arrange a time to come in and chat with one of their loans officers. This way, we can ensure that you have the Christmas you deserve in 2014.


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