Fees and charges

  • Loan establishment fee (documents signed in branch) – Not more than $174
    For your sample in branch loan agreement, please click here
  • Loan establishment fee (documents signed online) – Not more than $149
    For your sample online loan agreement, please click here
  • Please note: Fees set out on the sample agreements are subject to change as they are frequently reviewed. Our current fees are set out on this page.
    Administration fees $1.60 (Fee payable in accordance with repayment frequency ie. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Other fees that may become payable

  • Default fee $1.28
    (Payable weekly if your loan is in arrears of payments)
  • Reminder letter $3.28
    (Payable where you are advised by letter that your loan is overdue)
  • Demand letter $3.28
    (Payable when a demand letter is sent to you)
  • Pre-possession notice $3.28
    (Payable if we advise of our intention to repossess)
  • Early settlement fee $26.37
    (Payable if you repay a loan before your contractual final payment is due)
  • Costs of repossession
    (Agent fees payable if secured property is repossessed
  • Other charges
    (Any costs or charges incurred in the collection or enforcement of the loan agreement) – As invoiced or charged to Linsa.

Third Party Fees that may be payable in connection with your loan application. These fees are charged at the cost or average cost invoiced to Linsa and include GST.
Unless otherwise stated, the cost below is for each individual person or vehicle check involved in your loan application.

Personal Property Security Register fees
  • PPSR Search $2.30
  • PPSR Registration $16.10
Equifax Fees
  • Credit Check $10.52
  • Motor Vehicle check $4.31
  • Auto Plus Report $15.35
Centrix Fees
  • Credit check $6.90
  • Smart ID (includes PEP/Sanctions Search) $1.61
  • Smart ID with Passport $3.22
  • PEP/Sanctions Search $0.57
  • Wheels report (Vehicle Details) $3.45
  • PPSR Search add on $3.45
  • Valuation add on $3.45
  • Court Fines add on $0.57
  • PPSR Search $3.45
  • PPSR Registration $18.40
Other online costs
  • Electronic Bank statement retrieval (per financial institution) $1.95
  • Same day cleared payment fee $5.00
  • Electronic Signature fee (per document) $1.49
Direct Debit costs – Partner company Flo2Cash
  • One off set up fee $5.75
  • Direct Debit fee (per transaction) $3.45
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